About Al-Bilad Arabia Company Limited

Al-Bilad Arabia Company Limited (ABA), a 100% Saudi owned Company headquartered in the Eastern Province and serving clients within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ABA focuses on running the IT business in a way that generates value for our customers, partners and employees. We focus 100% on providing SAP services and solutions of the highest quality, on time and within budget to its clients. Full range of SAP services is offered by ABA to small, medium and large enterprises including SAP BEST PRACTICES & RDS Solutions (with licenses), consulting, implementation (full-fledged ECC6 by using ASAP Methodology), roll-outs, upgrades, enterprise support (on-site, off-site & off-shore) and all services related to BAT/LOT including licenses, consulting and implementation. We also focus on “value-add” SAP services such as BPC, GRC, Strategy Management & Sustainability. Finally, with the new direction and focus of SAP, ABA is the most capable local SAP partners to serve and support clients on MOBILITY, HANA & CLOUD.

Founded back in May 2002, ABA has excelled in delivering and executing SAP projects to various high profile clients mainly in the Oil/Gas, Utility, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Government, Semi-Government and Education sectors. As a result of that, ABA became the first Saudi company to be appointed by SAP as an authorized SAP SERVICES PARTNER & SAP CHANNEL PARTNER (VAR for SME). Last but not least ABA is the first Saudi company to be recognized by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) as a certified CMMI Level 3 company back in July 2008. Now ABA is a CMMI Level 5 Certified Company.

In 2009, ABA established its own SAP Support and Delivery Center in Al-Khobar to execute projects & offer support to major clients in the region.

With more than 50 major SAP clients on ABA’s list and more than 150 successful SAP projects executed since 2002, ABA has a strong belief that its strategy, knowledge and experience of the business needs and work environment in the region, coupled with the knowledge and experience of its highly experienced and qualified consultants will ensure that ABA will always deliver on their promises and retain their leading position in the market.

Quick Facts:

  • ABA: Founded in May 2002 as a 100% Saudi owned Company.
  • ABA: CMMI Level 5 Certified Company by SEI.
  • BK: Founded in June 2011 as a JV Company in KSA between Baas KSA and Kaar Technologies India.
  • ABA & BK: 100% focused on providing SAP Services.
  • ABA & BK: More than 50 Major SAP Clients in KSA, Bahrain & Kuwait with more than 145 various SAP projects executed since May 2002.
  • ABA & BK: 200+ SAP CoRTNER” (Services, VAR & SAP BO) by SAP MENA.
  • ABA & BK: Off-Site SAP Support & Delivery Center in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
  • ABA & BK: Off-shore IT development center available in India (with another 200+ SAP Consultantnsultants in KSA.
  • ABA & BK: An Approved “SAP PAs)

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